Unit 5: Türkiye’de Kültürel Çeşitlilik

Dilek Ağacı
Dilek Ağacı. Image courtesy of Rosasunrise

At the end of the unit, students will be able to

talk about UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Sites in Türkiye
discuss cultural practices of making a wish in Türkiye and compare those with practices observed in the U.S.A.
talk about religious sites that are visited by people of different ethnic and religious backgrounds.
plan a trip to a religious site
combine sentences using subject relative clauses
describe people and places using subject relative clauses
identify rituals and practices done on Hıdırellez
compare Hıdırellez with Spring celebrations in the U.S.A and elsewhere
talk about people of various ethnic and religious backgrounds in Türkiye
discuss how cultural diversity manifests itself in Türkiye and compare this with other countries
discuss the advantages of cultural diversity in Türkiye
write about their experiences gained a cultural exchange program to Türkiye
write about the importance of study exchange programs in schools


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