Unit 5: Türkiye’de Kültürel Çeşitlilik

Dilek Ağacı
Dilek Ağacı. Image courtesy of Rosasunrise

At the end of the unit, students will be able to

  • talk about UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Sites in Türkiye
  • discuss cultural practices of making a wish in Türkiye and compare those with practices observed in the U.S.A.
  • talk about religious sites that are visited by people of different ethnic and religious backgrounds.
  • plan a trip to a religious site
  • combine sentences using subject relative clauses
  • describe people and places using subject relative clauses
  • identify rituals and practices done on Hıdırellez
  • compare Hıdırellez with Spring celebrations in the U.S.A and elsewhere
  • talk about people of various ethnic and religious backgrounds in Türkiye
  • discuss how cultural diversity manifests itself in Türkiye and compare this with other countries
  • discuss the advantages of cultural diversity in Türkiye
  • write about their experiences gained a cultural exchange program to Türkiye
  • write about the importance of study exchange programs in schools


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