Ünite 3: Sosyal Medya Kullanımı

cellphone screen with social media icons (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.)
pxhere. CC0 Public domain.

At the end of the unit, students will be able to


  • compare and contrast the digital reports of Turks and Americans
  • talk about their own digital report
  • discuss issues surrounding a “personalized” social media experience
  • discuss and indicate purposes of actions
  • compare and contrast social media usage patterns of Turks and Americans
  • identify through listening the details of social media addiction among Gen Z in Turkey
  • identify and use abbreviations frequently used in messages (text/ online) as well as social media terms
  • brainstorm the advantages and disadvantages of teenagers actively using social media
  • write e-mails/ texts/ posts on various issues surrounding social media




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