Appendix: Peer Tutorials

This Appendix contains all of the tutorials created by JOUR 302 students at the University of Kansas, which are embedded throughout this book’s text. These tutorials are listed in the order in which they appear in the book’s chapters.


How to Read This Book by Jacob Allen, spring 2019.

Be Credible

Value of Credibility by Katie Andrew and Grace Levens, spring 2019.

Search and Re-Search

Chapter Review by Julia Bosco and Laura Richey, fall 2018.

Search More Effectively

Search Operators: Quotes, Minus Sign, Domain Name by Kylee Xu, fall 2018.

Image Source Tools by Angelica Lance, spring 2019.

Keep Detailed Research Notes

Note-Taking Methods by Miranda Hein and Molly Wiskur, spring 2019.

Cornell Note-Taking Method by Olivia Reyes, spring 2019.

Evernote Tutorial by Bailey Wilson, fall 2019.

How to Use Google Keep by Taylor DeMoss, fall 2019.


Attribution Types by Maggie Gould and Paige Moyer, fall 2018.

Go Lateral With Cues and Evidence

Step-by-Step Credibility Evaluation by Katie Gross, spring 2019.

Credibility Evaluation of a News Source by Jaime Southerland and Grace Sullivan, spring 2019.

Good and Bad Credibility Cue Evaluations by Sophia Misle and Emma Walsh, spring 2019.

Contend with Bias

Explicit vs. Implicit Bias by Julianna Cullen and Brittany Foster, spring 2019.


Google Searches and Results by Grace Fawcett, fall 2018.

Public Records

Cosmetology Licenses by Stephanie Morales, spring 2019.

Liquor Licenses by Jordan Collins and Nichole Smith, spring 2019.
Note: This tutorial was originally in the textbook, but has been removed due to database updates.

Business Entity Records by Liam Erst, spring 2019.

Registered Sex Offenders in Kansas by Heidi March, spring 2020.

District Court Public Records in Johnson County, Kansas by Heidi March, spring 2020.

Medical and Dental Public Records in Kansas by Anna Bohlmann, spring 2020.

Teacher Licenses in Kansas by Nicole Grazier and Bailey Cook, spring 2020.

How to Search For Liquor Licenses in Illinois by Emily Lasky, fall 2019.

Liquor Licenses in New York State by Jessica Rakow, spring 2020.

How to Search For Business Entities in Oklahoma by Anna Denison, spring 2020.

How to Search on the Nebraska Business Entity Database by Emilie Faust, spring 2020.

Food Inspections in Arkansas by Madison Taylor, spring 2020.

Food Safety Inspections in Nebraska by Kristin Kaipust, spring 2020.


Video News Releases by Carly Johnson and Lauren Ross, spring 2019.

Google News by Madeline Hall, fall 2018.

Advanced Google Operators by Jaron Lucas, fall 2019.

Scholarly Research

Google Scholar by Natalie Ulfig, fall 2018.

Using Search Operators in a Library Database by Hayley Piatkowski & Taylor Worden, fall 2019.


Finding and Visualizing Data by Courtney Saysiri, fall 2019.


How to Access and Read Form 990 by Julia Barger and Bella Carollo, spring 2019.

Market Research

Why Use Market Research by Sara Carlsen, spring 2019.

Public Companies

Ticker Symbols and EDGAR by Abby Matchinsky and Anessa Saladino, fall 2018.

DEF 14A and Bias by Cayden Fairman, spring 2019.


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