This textbook covers content relevant to COMS342 Problem Solving in Teams and Groups at the University of Kansas. Content in this textbook is adapted from The Open University, OpenStax, The Noba Project, and Wikipedia. Each chapter presents the source in the top header and each chapter has its own version of the Creative Commons (CC) license, noted at the bottom of the chapter.

This book (commonly called an Open Educational Resource, OER) was made possible through a generous grant through the KU Libraries. Special thanks to Karna Younger, Josh Bollick, and William Hoffman for helping with this project. The most recent revision (2021) includes several chapters from Dr. Jasmine Linabary’s OER, Small Group Communication: Forming and Sustaining Teams. Special thanks to Dr. Linabary for her exceptional work and willingness to share.

This textbook is designed with several purposes:

  1. The primary purpose is to save students money.
  2. Additionally this book is designed to cater the class reading content to the students’ needs.
  3. Finally this book was created as a text that can easily change based on the needs of the course.

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Please submit any revisions via comments on any chapter or email them directly to Dr. Cameron Piercy (


Cameron W. Piercy, Ph.D.


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Problem Solving in Teams and Groups Copyright © 2021 by Cameron W. Piercy, Ph.D. is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, except where otherwise noted.

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