End of Discussion

Karis Brown; Jack Harte; Jessica Saunders; Tami Albin; and Shannon O'Lear


[Dr. Shannon O’Lear:] We are here in the Makerspace of Anschutz Library at the University of Kansas. My name is Shannon O’Lear. I am a professor of Geography and the director of the Environmental Studies program here at KU. And I am here with three students from the Environmental Geopolitics class, and I will ask them to introduce themselves.

[Jessica Saunders:] Hi, my name is Jessica Saunders. My pronouns are she/her. I am currently a junior at the University of Kansas, majoring in Environmental Studies with a minor in Political Science.

[Jack Harte:] I’m Jack Harte. My pronouns are he/him. I’m working towards a Bachelor of Arts in Geography at the University of Kansas. I’m about a senior and a half at this point, I guess I’ve got one more semester to go, but we’re working towards it.

[Karis Brown:] You minor in anything?

[Jack:] I’m minoring in Business.

[Karis:] Look at that. [laughs] I am Karis Brown. I’m also a senior and a half right now. Oh, I use they/them pronouns. I am also majoring in Environmental Studies and I minor in Anthropology and Journalism. I like to write, you know?

[Jessica:] And we are also accompanied by our superhero Librarian Tami Albin, who has been the glue for our podcast projects and our OER project, which we will discuss now.

[Karis:] As you’re finished listening to this podcast, and hopefully you finished working on your own podcast— Going out into the real-world, Remember to be critical. Don’t accept things at face value. Always ask why and always make sure to ask if there’s nuts in anything that you’re about to eat as we learned on the last day of class.

[Jessica:] We had a fellow student bring in a very delicious cranberry key lime pie, right?

[Dr. O’Lear:] Well, it was for the listening party.

[Jessica:] Yes.

[Dr. O’Lear:] We were having a listening—

[Jessica:] We had a listening party of all of our podcasts on the last day of class. And unfortunately Aries our mascot was unable to join us. But we had a student bring in a wonderful pie and we listened to podcasts.

And then all of a sudden, when all the pie has gone, our student goes, “By the way, no one is allergic to nuts, right?”

And then me and Karis are sitting in the back of class, “Oh, I hope no one forgot their EpiPen.” Someone did indeed forget their EpiPen and indeed was allergic to nuts.

[Karis:] I may or may not have had a hand in peer pressuring them into eating a piece of the pie. They were originally not going to.

[Jessica, simultaneously:] It’s fine. They’re fine.

[Jessica:] They’re fine. It’s okay.

[Dr. O’Lear:] I didn’t know why they ran out of the classroom so fast.

[Jessica:] It’s like, “This pie is nasty. BLEH.”

[Karis:] Well, I guess to that effect, always remember to carry your EpiPens kids.

[Jessica:] Yeah. My closing statement would be carry your EpiPens. Keep an eye out for nuts, socially and food wise. And then like I said at the end of my podcast, just always ask questions and broaden your perspective. Like we mentioned earlier, everything is situational. There is no capital T truth except probably don’t murder people. And that’s it.

[Jack:] Just go for it. I don’t know— Not- Sorry! Not about murder!

[group simultaneously laughing]

[Jack:] Sorry that was a really, really inconvenient follow-up. Sorry. But uh— No, so I guess you know it’s just- if you’re listening to this, either as an educator, as a student or whatever your role may be, you just go for it. Whatever. If you’re having questions about your podcasts, just go for it. If you having questions about how to teach a podcast just go for it. You’ve got it.

[Jessica:] Yeah. We have really amazing resources here at the University of Kansas. Your librarians are always here to support you. If you’re taking Dr. O’Lear’s class, she will just go to the ends of the earth to support you and help you figure out what direction to go in. There’s a lot of online resources that- the KU library online resource is fabulous. It’ll be great. You’ll do great.

[Karis:] Yeah, actually the KU Articles and Databases, was the entire life blood to my project.

[Jessica, simultaneously:] Honestly? Killer. Killer.

[Karis:] So make sure you use the heck out of that.

[Jessica:] Yeah. Any closing thoughts, Doctor?

[Dr. O’Lear:] Well, I suppose I would just say as Jack said to any students or instructors or anybody looking and listening to this, just because you haven’t done it before, isn’t a reason not to try something new.

[Jessica:] Yeah. Yeah. None of us- none of us had ever done this before. None of us had ever— the majority of us—hadn’t made a podcast before. Us sitting here at this table, we’ve never made a Pressbook before. So yeah, you might be treading through uncharted waters, but we tried it through those waters first and we’re here and we’re fine. Mostly. No, I’m kidding. But yeah. Just go for it and you’ll be surprised how much you learn.

[Karis:] It’s like trying a new food. Like may never had it before, but you could totally change your life by having just the right kind of pie or that key line cranberry pie as long as there’s not nuts in it.

[Jessica:] Yeah. I learned how to ride a bike six months ago. If I can make an online educational resource and learn how to ride a bike, you can analyze a claim about the environment. It’ll be great and you’ll do great.

[Karis:] Period.

[Jessica:] Period, and that’s the tea.

[Karis:] Easy as riding a bike, right Jess?

[Jessica:] Literally! Yeah. Well, no, riding a bike is actually a lot easier. [chuckles]

[Karis:] The music featured in this episode is MB_weatherwav by Connum from freesound.org.

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