Visit this site for an “elevator speech” template. provides videos of current popular soundbites

“Good quotes/sound bites are the salsa on the nacho chip of our narrative.”

“Getting Maximum Value From The Six Touch Points Of Communications” by Nancy Friedman.

Visit this Wall Street Journal site for information on succeeding in an employment interview.

“How to conduct a meeting.”

The Official Robert’s Rules of Order Web Site: Robert’s Rules Association is an unincorporated membership association representing Robert’s Rules of Order, the guide to parliamentary procedure.

A ten-step article from eHow on how to propose a toast.

Read an e-zine article by the Advanced Public Speaking Institute. “Being roasted is an honor, but you must be careful to honor people while you are roasting them during a public speaking engagement.”

“Preparing For Your Media Interview” by Judy Jernudd.


“How to prepare yourself for a media interview: Fears of being misquoted or having their research oversimplified scares scientists away from media interviews,” an article from the American Psychological Association.


“7 Tips on How to Prepare For Mainstream News and Feature Media Interviews” by Amelia Brazell from—7- Tips-on-How-to-Prepare-For-Mainstream-News-and-Feature-Media-Interviews&id=1178440

Read the Code of Ethics of the Society of Professional Journalists.

How to introduce a speaker — the art of giving (and receiving) a great introduction, by Nick Morgan.

“How to Give an Acceptance Speech” by Patricia Fripp from The Sideroad.

Visit this site for a pamphlet on how to serve as a master of ceremonies.

“Why Pass on Viral Messages? Because They Connect Emotionally,” a Harvard Business Online article by Angela Dobele, Adam Lindgreen, Michael Beverland, Joelle Vanhamme, and Robert Van Wijk.


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